25 April 2008

queen of light

6x10 oil on canvas, collected

Twelve varieties of tulips are making a spectacular display in the front yard. This one, Queen of Night, is one of my favorites. (It looks wonderful paired with Creme Upstar, which looks like a delicious peony.) I enjoyed studying this dark bloom. Some of the petals soak up the light and others transmit it.
I suppose I should have listened to The Magic Flute today, but instead of Mozart, I had Cheap Trick!
addendum: a lovely bird sang to me the Queen's aria this afternoon.


Elana said...

Very beautiful -- dark & mysterious. Nice commentary also -- (save that for the labels on your solo show!)

Dar Presto said...

thank you so much, Elana, and thanks for stopping by.

Sheri Burhoe said...

Beautiful work, love the color of this Tulip ! Thanks for commenting on my Painting :)

Dar Presto said...

Thank you very much, Sheri. I'm sad that those tulips are finished for the year, so it's nice to have a painted image.