08 October 2008

golden disappointment

Look, I'm working, I swear. I couldn't be bothered to walk 7 blocks in the rain to visit my oil paints. So, I'm painting in the kitchen with an acrylic product that other people seem to love, but I don't like. I won't bad mouth it publicly, but let's just say that I get a golden feeling of disdain when I open the tubes. It's like painting with old bubble gum. I know it doesn't look bad here (the foreshortening somehow improves it), but I can't finesse it, blend it, cut into it. I really don't like it.

I bought a starter set of these paints on vacation in Aug. I had visions of immortalizing the peaceful beauty of a Minnesota lake. You will notice a dearth of paintings from that time. I was deeply disappointed. Especially because I had finally made the commitment to be 100% vegetarian. You see, the adorable Qiang Huang once suggested that the key to great painting is being vegetarian. I was all set to be great! I'm just gullible, I guess.

Jill Scott, Golden
America, Sister Golden Hair
Golden Earring, Radar Love


Barbara Pask said...

Dar, You may not have enjoyed the process but your final result is very nice. I love oils too, from time to time I play around with other mediums but always come back to the oils.

Marian Fortunati said...

OMG... maybe THAT's what the problem with MY painting is.... I'm NOT vegetarian.
Hmmm... However I do LIKE vegetables, so maybe I will make a little progress as I paint.
Maybe since you're painting fruits and vegetables, you will too.... Will the veggie police get you for those shoes???
I LIKE this pumpkin... even if it isn't an oil... Very nice.
You're good to be so versatile!

http://www.onpainting.wordpress.com said...

Well, you could sell it foreshortened. It does look good to me. I just started a pumpkin painting last night. I may be whining soon as well.

Dar Presto said...

Thanks folks.

Barb, I was thinking about you. You're fearless and tireless. Do you sell that energy in a bottle?

Hi Marian. I tell my son (the other veggie in our family) that we can keep the leather sofa because we ate enough cheeseburgers to justify it. But he might not appreciate that I've named it Buttercup.

Hi Bill. Just don't paint with old bubble gum, and you'll be fine. I wasn't whining, I was bitching. That's very different.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Dar, yes, I spent over £100 on a range of Golden acrylics and you are so right - it is exactly like painting with bubble gum. They have an awful texture to my mind. But the pumpkins turned out fine except it was a shame about the geranium which was such a perfect blue to go with that orangey tint.

Dar Presto said...

Hi Sheila. I liked the color combo too. I use it in my garden quite a bit.
I may use the acrylic, with a bit of water, to tone some canvases.