30 April 2008

heavy traffic

How d'ya like them apples, Jeff? I gave myself a time limit, hid my number 2 flats until the very end, and grooved to Martin Sexton. I see an area on the golden delicious that I would fiddle with if I hadn't walked away.


JMahorney said...

heh heh. I like em a lot! I like seeing more of the brush strokes (especially nice in the shadow side of the green apple). I also like the cooler background for the warm colored fruit to jump off of. Varying hard and soft edges is a touch thing for me (im learning it too). too many hard lines and everything looks cutt out. If all the lines are soft the the painting looses some punch. I'm really liken some of these edges, especially on the red apple (it's fun!)and I like the almost lost edge on the green apple (nice!). Maybe you could also use just a few more of those punchy hard edges back from the previous one, like how nice and hard the highlight licks are. Great work again. :) BTW- when I need inspiration of what I'd love my edges to look like, I go straight to Carol Marine, Qiang Huang, Aaron Lifferth.

HELENE J said...

Very nice "nature morte" as the apples, leaves etc! But why pears seem to be a bit narcissistic? Great talent!

Dar Presto said...

Hi Helene! Thanks for stopping by. I've seen your work. It is luminous and sensual, and full of stories. I particularly like Et Le Desert Avanche, Nemrod, and Le Songe d'Artemis.

Regarding the narcissistic pear, it looked to me as if one pear was staring into his reflection. I see you appreciate mythological characters.

Jeff, thanks for keeping tabs on my progress. Your encouragement has been very important.