08 May 2008

saintly fruit

8x10 oil on canvas panel

This arrangement was serendipity-do-da. I placed the fruit on the table to remember to take it home, and I loved the play of light, bleaching out the table cloth and leaving halos on the apples.

Let's see, I had Keb' Mo' and Kris Delmhorst with me this time.
I promise, I'm finally going to eat these apples.


JMahorney said...

Damn Dar! I think this is freakin awesome. It a daring (and value strong!) composition too. I love the way it pinches the negative red space and then releases it off to the left. You've treated this cool light so well. Great highlights. The warm shadows (produced by cool key light) have amazing variation. I can make out beautiful definite brushstrokes (not overblended). I wish I had painted this. Are you pleased with this one? I would be :)

Dar Presto said...

Wow, your praise means a lot to me. You contribute to my growth and make this a less daunting process.
I am happy with this piece. Back lighting was no easy thing, as I couldn't readily see if my loaded brush matched the subject. I started with a 2 value thumbnail, which kept me focused.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Dar! I see you are off to a great start as a daily painter.....or consistent painter........You have a good eye for composition and color......happy painting!


Dar Presto said...

Thanks very much Robin. I enjoy visiting your blog to solidify the concepts I'm learning.