02 June 2008

peony afterlife

8x11 oil on canvas
It's no use beating a dead flower. Another 2-session, paintus interruptus. Darn flower died on me. I had to use a stunt double, but he wouldn't pose properly for me. I offered him immortality, but I think he suspected that both he and the painting would end up in the trash. But if I compost him, at least he has a chance at reincarnation. No wait, peonies are proud. He'd hate to be a carnation.

I listened to some boys with guitars... Michael Hedges, Will Ackerman, John Gorka, and Jeff DeSantis


Gerald Schwartz said...

Hello Dar, Wonderful work, all with a free feeling leaving one a chance to breathe. You seem to be equally gifted with the word..

Dar Presto said...

thank you very much, Gerald! Thanks for coming by.

Barbara Pask said...

This is lovely. I've painted a lot of flowers but no peonies. I kept looking at the ones blooming next to my house and they looked so complicated. Now they're dead, boo hoo. Barb

Dar Presto said...

oh, I've seen your terrific florals, Barb. What blooms next? I have irises which I'm afraid to attempt. Thanks for stopping by!