23 May 2008

li'l vase

8x10 oil on canvas panel

I did not intend to revisit this set up. I cut an iris from the garden for this session. But my frugal/ecological self insisted that I use the paint that was already on my palette. In these two recent pieces, I replaced cadmium yellow with non-toxic yellow PY151. I'm pleased with it.

This is not a bad piece, but it doesn't move me like the previous one does. My real job, Motherhood, prevented me from working from beginning to end in one sitting, which I think is part of the problem. Also, the photoshop fairy has not left anything on the doorstep yet, so it took me a while to get a decent image. Enough complaining. It's not good for creativity. I should make lemonade.

I painted with the girls on piano... Nellie McKay, Regina Spektor, and A Fine Frenzy.


n. rhodes harper said...

Hi Dar, Thanks for visiting my blog. Your work is really nice. I love the soft quality to the lemon -vase piece. The apples are really nice too. I'll be back.

Dar Presto said...

Thank you, Nancy. Peonies have me stumped this week. I think I need to go back to fruit!
Thanks for coming over.