31 October 2008

no razors

6x8 oil on canvas panel

I understand there was a time when kids received apples when trick-or-treating and oranges in their Christmas stockings. (And if a kid held onto the santa myth a few too many years, a stocking full of tighty whities would straighten him out.)

When I was a kid, there were only one or two older neighbors who still gave us fruit on Halloween. Kids circulated that legend about the girl who died from eating an apple that had a razor blade in it. When I sort through my kids' candy, I make a pile of my favorites, telling them "Mommy has to check these for razor blades. Eat those smarties."

werewolves of london
ghost of a texas ladies man
nail in my heart
devil may care
season of hollow soul
dagger through the heart
I know more spooky song titles.
I should have painted more this week.


http://www.onpainting.wordpress.com said...

A simple painting but it came out very appealing. I like it.

Dar Presto said...

Thanks Bill.
I look forward to exploring more complicated images, in particular giving my still lifes a less ambiguous location. My learning curve hasn't taken me there yet. Suggestions on how to proceed are always welcome.

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Dar, A wonderful apple painting. I didn't realize you had only been painting for such a short time, you should be very proud of yourself. I've been at it for about 2 1/2 years and working hard to make up for the late start. Plan to be a famous and old lady painter one day, lol.

Dar Presto said...

hey Barb, thanks.
You'll be famous, but never old.