19 March 2010


croque-monsieur, 7x5 oil on panel, sold ---- croque-madame, 7x5 oil on panel

Spring has sprung. The grass is ris'. I wonder where Miss Darlene is?
After a long hibernation, I have emerged, like the crocuses in my front yard.

My stupid thyroid conspired with my seasonal affective disorder to knock me on my can. All along, I have been watching your blogs, enjoying the view. Your blogs and Turner Classic Movies have been my salvation on days when sitting up was the best I could do. Speaking of my broken thyroid, please keep in mind that cadmium is toxic to the thyroid gland. You won't see that, or its link to breast cancer, on your paint labels. I eliminated heavy metals from my palette some time ago.

The only cobalt around is this tiny blue bottle, which previously held essential oil. It is the best vase for a little crocus. The cobalt bottle reminds me of Feist's sparkly blue jumpsuit.


Barbara Pask said...

Hi there Dar, I am so sorry to hear you haven't been well, I hope that fact that you are back to painting means things are better. Love this little blue bottle, what sweet little paintings. Keep that brush wet. :)

Jala Pfaff said...

These are gorgeous!!! Love the tongue-in-cheek names, too. (Ham-and-cheese, and ?something else)
Sorry to hear you've been ill. I also have S.A.D. I use a light box, which helps some.

Dar Presto said...

Barb, thanks for the encouragement. Happy Spring!

Jala, thank you. I agree, the light box can be helpful.

Marian Fortunati said...

Dar... hope you're getting better... I'm sure you and your doctors are doing everything possible to get that thyroid issue under control.

In the meantime... keep emerging like your crocus into the beautiful budding beauty that you and your talents are... Be well, Dar.

Jala Pfaff said...

P.S. I also have low thyroid. Then I found out my brother and dad do too...so I guess it's genetic. I do take thyroid supplement.
Happy spring to you!!

Dar Presto said...

Thanks, Marian, you're so sweet.

Jala, I'm so glad you are coping with the condition. I'm very much enjoying your sky series!

Anonymous said...

No better marker of new growth than the first crocus and a new post!
The paintings are delightful.

Glad to know you're coming out of a health rut- how much we can take for granted, right?

I've taken to working with nitrile gloves after reading about the toxicity of cads and cobalts ( luckily lead white is a non issue for me too ) but recall how many artists have had serious life threatening illnesses as a result of not knowing ).

Funny- I've also got a low thyroid and have been on meds for decades.

May your purple crocuses escort you into many months of feeling good and painting often.
Happy, healthy Spring Dar.

Cyndy Carstens said...

Thank you, Dar, for your thoughtfulness and comments to my blog. My husband and brother have thyroid conditions as well, so I understand how difficult it can be. Hope you are feeling better soon.
I really like the crocus in the cobalt bottle. Awesome and a cheerful welcome to Spring.
Take care, Cyndy

Ann Reyes said...

Dar!!! How nice to have you back painting and posting!!! And, these are really nice! Hope your health improves and you can keep painting.

Dar Presto said...

Bonnie, thank you so much. That's a good habit of wearing the gloves. And, I can't imagine that 'underactive' ever applies to you ;)

Cyndy, thanks for the visit. I look forward to the next phase of your beautiful, contemplative work.

Ann, thanks. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of several overlapping problems, but I'm functioning better for now.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

These are charming studies, Dar! I'm sorry to hear you've not felt well. Several of us out here on the edge of the earth have been very tired and feeling blah also.

I especially like the titles to these little paintings you did. A young visitor from France a few years ago told me these names for sandwiches. They fit the small flowers perfectly!

Dar Presto said...

Thank you very much, Diana! I better get cracking, I have tulips and lilacs blooming in my garden now. That certainly brightens my spirits.